PCB inspection with SIM4000 and picoCam304x

There are many inspection and identification tasks to be done in the printed circuit board industry. Industrial image processing is used to ensure production quality and consistent traceability of all production steps - the SIM4000 Sensor Integration Machine and two picoCam304x streaming cameras are the perfect complements in these processes. The SIM4000 does both inspection and identification tasks with the help of HALCON procedures and transfers the results to the programmable logic controller. This solution can be scaled up by connecting additional cameras and expanding the sensor app.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family SIM4x00
    Flexible. Intelligent. Communicative.
    • Wide range of connections with 25 interfaces for Ethernet-based fieldbuses, cameras, illumination, sensors, encoders, and more besides
    • 8-gigabit Ethernet interfaces for rapid image transmission
    • Fieldbus and Ethernet interfaces with communication protocols such as OPC-UA and MQTT provide preprocessed data (edge computing) for the control and for cloud computing in parallel “dual talk”, thereby allowing networking for digital factories.
    • Precise synchronization of input and output signals
    • Illumination control and supply
    • IO-Link master connections
    • Enclosure rating IP 65