Worker guidance with pick-to-light

For many years, SICK has been a leader in the development of worker guidance systems. The PLG automation light grid guides the worker to the correct pickup shelf by means of the 360°-visible green job LED. If the worker reaches into the wrong shelf, the PLG triggers an acoustic signal. As an alternative, the slim SPL automation light grid and the TiM5xx or LMS1xx 2D LiDAR sensors can also be used to guide the worker.

Patent EP 0994761 B1 is to be observed for the laser scanner solutions.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family LMS1xx
    Compact and economical, even in harsh environments
    • Efficient and cost-effective 2D LiDAR sensors for measuring ranges of up to 50 m
    • Outstanding performance whatever the weather, thanks to multi-echo technology and intelligent algorithms
    • Rugged, compact housing with enclosure rating up to IP 67, integrated heating, and a temperature range of –40 °C to +60 °C
    • Variants for security applications with relay outputs and VdS certification available
    • Measurement data output via Ethernet interface in real time
    • Number of digital outputs can be expanded via external CAN modules
    Product family TiM5xx
    Complete measurement accuracy
    • Monitoring area of up to 1,470 m² with just one sensor
    • High ambient light tolerance due to HDDM technology
    • Rugged housing with up to an IP 67 enclosure rating
    • Low power consumption (typ. 4 W)
    • Compact design with a housing height of just 86 mm maximum
    • Integrated Ethernet interface
    • Long sensing range of up to max. 25 m
    • Industry-standard design and M12 male connector
    Product family PLG
    Simply clever order picking verification
    • 360° visible job LED
    • Scanning range up to 2 m
    • Flexible monitoring heights from 120 mm to 420 mm
    • Immune to reflected and ambient light
    • Switchable job LED: permanently lit or flashing
    • Optically confirms correct access