Displacement measurement sensors
OC Sharp

Chromatic confocal measuring technology offers maximum precision

Your Benefits

  • Thanks to its non-contact operation and measuring speeds of up to 4,000 Hz, this sensor optimizes the production process and ensures top quality
  • Reliable measurement results, regardless of object material and brightness, ensure maximum availability
  • Cost-effective solution for measuring the thickness of transparent materials, as only one sensor head is necessary
  • Thanks to its small light spot, this sensor can deliver precise measurements of very small objects and cavities (e. g., VIA) which are currently not possible with laser triangulation sensors or tactile systems
  • Non-contact, wear-free, and calibration-free measuring technology means low maintenance costs
  • Using OC Sharp software makes configuring the sensor easy and saves time and money


Chromatic confocal measuring technology offers maximum precision

The OC Sharp is a highly precise optical distance sensor based on chromatic confocal measuring technology. This measuring technology allows for precise measurements to the nearest nanometer on a wide range of materials, from pitch black to transparent materials. It is also possible to measure the thickness of materials and films. The measuring technology features a passive sensor head without electronic components. This ensures measurements are not affected by interference (e.g., EMC).

At a glance
  • Many measuring lengths from 600 µm up to 12 mm
  • Chromatic confocal sensor technology for the highest reliability and precision
  • High measuring frequency of up to 4,000 Hz
  • Reliably measures a wide range of materials and colors
  • Measures the thickness of transparent materials using just one sensor head (chromatic confocal for thicknesses from 30 µm and interferometric for thicknesses from 3 µm)
  • Very small light spot is able to measure minuscule objects
  • Easy-to-use programming with OC Sharp software


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Measuring range6.2 mm ... 60 mm
    Linearity± 1 nm ... ± 200 nm
    Response time≥ 0.5 ms
    Measuring frequency32 ... 4,000 Hz
    Type of lightLED, white
    Serial✔ , RS-232, RS-422
    Analog output
    TypeVoltage output
    Ambient temperature, operation+5 °C ... +50 °C
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