Box content verification

Quality is a key factor for successful customer care and maintaining an excellent reputation in every industry. During the packaging process, vision technology helps to ensure that a product has the correct box content, which is key for guaranteeing high quality and efficient throughput. The TriSpector1000 makes reliably 3D inspection possible, even if shape, color, alignment, position, or height vary. Tasks such as checking presence and absence, quantity and emptiness are child’s play with this 3D vision sensor. The intuitive user interface of the TriSpector1000 makes commissioning and operation easy. Thanks to a guaranteed field of view and reusing saved settings, multiple installations can also be carried out without a hitch. The front windows of the TriSpector1000 are available in glass and plastic.

  • Following product families can be used
    Intuitive 3D inspection
    • 3D inspection of moving parts
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Embedded image analysis
    • Easy replacement concept
    • High resolution 3D image with intensity overlay
    • Factory calibrated 3D data, true mm values in all dimensions
    • Rugged IP67 metal housing