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Identification Solutions 


Bar code scanners

SICK bar code scanners speed up logistics automation. Excellent reading performance ensures the process flow even when the bar codes are damaged or printed poorly. Their high scanning frequency enables high process speeds. This series also offers easy-to-use networking. The compact connection systems save space and costs.

Hand-held scanners

Hand-held scanners are used in a wide range of industries. Without hand-held scanners everything would have to be read off and registered manually. This takes too long and is susceptible to errors. When hand-held scanners are used, data is recorded in seconds and reading errors are eliminated, speeding up processes and reducing costs.

Image-based code readers (1D/2D/OCR)

The stationary 2D code scanners from SICK have a multitude of uses. Whether 1D or 2D, or direct marked codes (e.g., laser, dot peening, ink jet) on metallic, plastic or on paper, they provide an ideal solution for nearly every application. They also offer multi-compatible connectivity. From the machine to the control system, they can be integrated in every environment.


SICK offers industry-proven RFID solutions for both short- and long-range sensing. RFID is ideal in applications where direct-line-of-site is not possible. Rugged and built to last, these products stand up in harsh environments with an IP rating of 67. Fully integrated solutions incorporate antennas, controllers, discreet I/O, and communications, all in the same housing.

Connection and mounting technology

Connection modules connect SICK bar code scanners to a host system. The modules are simple to install and maintain and allow users to easily build networks.

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