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Distance sensors 

SICK offers the most distance measurement products in the industry, providing more flexibility and value for its customers. You can detect distances or other dimensions, such as filling levels or positions precisely using SICK distance measurement sensors. From micron to mile, our products deliver the highest degree of measurement accuracy and ensure smooth production processes.

Short-range distance sensors (displacement)

Short-range laser distance measurement sensors provide accurate measurements for quality control applications that require a high degree of precision. They have measurement ranges from 24 mm up to 700 mm, depending on the model. Thanks to their advanced CMOS receiver technology, short-range distance sensors are suitable for non-contact measurement of nearly any object or color of material.

Long-range distance sensors

Long-range distance measurement sensors from SICK combine highly precise measurement results with great reliability and a wide measuring range. Long-range sensors use time-of-flight measurement technology for linear positioning. These sensors can be used to output continuous linear measurement andor as a very precise long-range proximity switching sensor.

Linear measurement sensors

The OLM optical linear measurement sensor determines its absolute position using bar code strip mounted along the length of travel – up to 10 km. The bar code strip can be placed along a curve, free-roaming path, incline/decline or straight line. The OLM measures the right positions every time - even if multiple vehicles are on the same track.

Mid-range distance sensors

SICK's mid-range distance sensors offer simple setup, high immunity to ambient light and advanced features, such as HDDM for improved process quality. Analog and switching outputs ensure they are easy to integrate.

Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors offer non-contact measurement by comparing an emitted ultrasonic wave to the wave returned after hitting the target. The measurement is independent of material color. SICK's line of ultrasonic sensors detect objects and measure distances with high accuracy. They offer outstanding background suppression and detection of transparent targets or targets with non-uniform surfaces.

Optical data transmission

The ISD infrared data transmission system enables wireless data transmission to rail-mounted vehicles along the light beam. This system is a friction-free alternative to trailing cables, such as with high-bay stackers. The system consists of a device pair- optical data sender and receiver. Both units can communicate in both directions over large distances. The point-to-point light beam is monitored during data transmissions. Interruption of the light beams is indicated both optically on the device and signalled via a special interface.

Position finders

DMP position finders are optoelectronic sensors that are used for millimeter-accurate fine positioning in the storage and conveyors industry. The sensors are used for fine positioning in the x- and y-directions. The DMP3 is recommended for operating distances between 200 mm - 350 mm and does not use reflectors. The device is a camera-based sensor that carries out fine positioning on holes or colored points. The DMP2 is used for longer operating distances of up to 2,000 mm. This sensor operates with reflectors.

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