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World’s Smallest Safety Light Curtain 

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The miniTwin safety light curtain is named for its miniature size and twin stick principle. With a cross section of 15mm x 32mm, it is by far the smallest safety light curtain on the market. Combined with the broad range of lengths available, the miniTwin can be more closely matched to the size of the area needing protection. Its award-winning twin stick design combines the sender and receiver into one stick, simplifying ordering and reducing inventory costs. With end-to-end coverage, dead zones are no longer an issue in cascade applications. Two or three sets of miniTwin sticks can be cascaded together and wedged right next to each other without loss of resolution. This allows the light curtains to be mounted closer to the machine, thereby increasing productivity.
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• Smallest 2-box-design light curtain (15x32mm²) available in 60mm length increments
• Sender/receiver functions built into one stick (2 identical sticks create a functional pair)
• End-to-end protective coverage with no ‘dead zone’
• Built-in alignment aid, automatic configuration and beam coding
• Uses standard M12x5 cables



• Ability to select a light curtain that closely matches the size of the opening to be guarded
• Reduced inventory costs as there is no need to stock senders AND receivers
• Increased productivity and ergonomics
• Reduced installation costs and setup time
• Lower cost accessory components



• Small machines that require small light curtains in the electronics, automotive, and packaging industries
• OEM machine builders that can design safety into the framework of their machine
• Cascade applications where ‘dead zone’ is unacceptable

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