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C4000 Select Safety Light Curtain 

Configure, align and diagnose at the speed of light! 

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The SICK C4000 Select safety light curtain makes configuration, alignment and diagnostics super fast and simple. This light curtain is unique because it allows you to use DIP switches for configuration (rather than a PC) and offers an integrated laser alignment tool, and condensed, intuitive diagnostics. These features allow users to reduce downtime and increase machine reliability. With newly added resolutions, sizes and functionality, it has never been easier to safeguard your applications.
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  • Available in 14 mm version for finger detection as well as 30 mm for hand detection
  • External control of the optional 360° integrated LED status indicator
  • Available in 150 mm length increments
  • Integrated laser with alignment bar graph
  • DIP switch configuration
  • Condensed “what-to-do” local diagnostics
  • Improved cascading concept with additional C4000 Select safety light curtains
  • M12-5 pin connectors


  • Access, hazardous area and hazardous point protection applications like:

    - Robot cells (loading/unloading stations)                                                      
    - Machine presses
    - Cutting/welding operations


  • Reduced installation and start-up time with fast alignment, quick DIP switch configuration and condensed easy to understand local diagnostics
  • Easy configuration without the use of a personal computer
  • Maximum reliability from solid alignment with the integrated laser and bar graph alignment system
  • Minimized downtime due to quick diagnosis, fast re-installation, easy re-configuration and alignment
  • Reduced wiring expenditure through direct M12 connection and readily available cabling
  • Ability to power the sender via the extension connection of the receiver, reducing wiring to the control cabinet
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