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TiM3xx 2D laser scanner 

Perfect in detail, brilliant overall 

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At a glance 

  • Configure without a PC, using touch and teach
  • Small, light and economical measurement system
  • Field evaluation using intelligent algorithms
  • Set parameter interface accessible while device is mounted
  • One of the smallest laser scanners on the market
  • Proven industrial design
  • Low power consumption (typ. 3 W)

Your benefits 

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easily hidden from view due to small dimension
  • Low installation costs and exchange time due to D-Sub connector
  • Long operation for battery-driven vehicles
  • Intuitive and preconfigured fields ensure short installation time
  • Reduced hardware costs due to one sensor for large anti-collision fields
  • No wiring necessary between sender and receiver

Fields of application 

  • Anti-collision for mobile vehicles
  • Presence detection in automated warehouses
  • Anti-collision for rail-mounted transportation systems
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