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W8 Inox Miniature photoelectric sensor  

Minimum effort, maximum toughness and endless possibilities 

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At a glance 

  • Tough stainless steel housing (1.4404 / SUS316L) and wash down rated for fluid tightness (IP 69K)
  • Lens made of heat and chemical resistant high-performance plastic - PPSU
  • Potentiometer made of sturdy high-performance plastic - PEEK
  • Conforms to FDA requirements
  • M3 mounting and stainless steel bracket (1.4301 / SUS304)
  • Highly visible light spot with even illumination

Your benefits 

  • :Highest reliability for customers’ machinery even when in contact with aggressive detergents or cooling lubrication thanks to its IP 69K rating and sturdy stainless steel housing
  • Easy and fast installation because of its commonly used M3 mounting
  • Minimum needed space due to small housing
  • Easy to adjust due to highly visible light spot with even illumination
  • Everything is included in the delivery which allows simple installation - stainless steel brackets and reflector (for reflection type)

Fields of application 

  • :Packaging cheesedetects cheese and then provides a signal to a packaging machine
  • Filling hygiene products - checks bottles after the filling process, ensuring only properly filled containers continue down the line
  • Verify presence - verifies the presence of machine tools inside the machine storage area before placing a new tool in a defined spot
  • Detection of machine tools - checks if a drill is broken before the machine starts working
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