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LECTOR®62x image-based code reader 

Clever. Simple. Industrial. 

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The LECTOR®62x is a compact, image-based code reader that is specifically designed for industrial requirements. Whether items are mobile or stationary, the LECTOR®62x identifies the most commonly used code types with exceptional reliability, even codes with poor quality. Its highly compact housing ensures flexible integration even where space is limited.
LECTOR®620 Professional: Universal and inexpensive – can handle more than 80% of all code-reading applications.
LECTOR®620 ECO: The attractively priced alternative for simpler applications.
LECTOR®620 High Speed: The top-of-the-line solution for belt speeds of up to 6 m/s.
LECTOR®620 DPM Plus: Excellent performance for the most challenging DPM codes in the automotive and solar industries.
LECTOR®620 OCR: The best choice for optical character recognition.
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At a glance 

  • Decoding of all common 1D, 2D, and stacked codes, as well as optical character recognition (depending on type)
  • Flexible interfaces: serial interface, USB, and Ethernet
  • Function buttons, aiming laser, focus adjustment, auto-setup, and green feedback LED
  • Industrial, compact housing with swivel connector
  • microSD memory card for storing images and backup copies of parameters

Your benefits 

  • Intelligent decoding algorithms ensure optimal reading performance, good read rates, and high throughput
  • IDpro facilitates quick and easy integration into many industrial networks
  • Intuitive setup with aiming laser, focus adjustment, and auto-setup reduces training and installation time and costs
  • Simple mounting thanks to a compact housing and swivel connector, even when space is limited
  • Quick and efficient analysis of reading performance and code quality
  • Cloning systems create backup copies of parameters, ensuring short machine downtimes in the event of malfunctions
  • Proven SICK LifeTime Services 

Fields of application 

  • Pharmaceutical and packaging industries: code reading and optical character recognition for tracing serial number and manufacturing date
  • Automotive industry: individual production control and traceability of components
  • Electronics and solar industries: circuit board, glass, and wafer identification
  • Document handling: code reading in high-speed inserters 
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