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Simply better: 

DT50 Hi distance sensor – new enhancements provide exceptional measurement capabilities 

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At a glance 


Product features:

  • Measurement range: 200 … 20,000 mm
  • Resolution: 1 mm
  • Repeatability : ± 1 mm
  • Accuracy: ± 7 mm
  • Output rate: 2 ms
  • Resistance to ambient light: 40 klux
  • Operating temperature: -30 … +65 °C
  • Analogue output: 4 … 20 mA and 1 switching output

Your benefits 


Customer benefits:

  • The DT50 Hi offers flexible use in different applications due to its 20 m measurement range, reducing stock-holding costs
  • The visible red light laser allows rapid and precise alignment
  • The DT50 Hi is easily, rapidly and therefore cost-saving commissioned thanks to intuitive operation via the LC display
  • The innovative HD measurement algorithm ensures reduced machine downtimes due to its extremely high measurement reliability and immunity to ambient light
  • The robust metal housing and wide temperature range guarantee increased machine availability
  • High repeatability also ensures the quality of your results over longer distances

Fields of application 


The DT50 Hi offers a variety of application possibilities. To quote just a few:

  • Logistics: preventing collisions between gantry cranes, checking presence or storage space occupancy
  • The timber industry: reliable scanning detection of all planks, or positioning of plank edges
  • The automotive industry: regulating slack in the tyre industry, regulating gaps on overhead conveyor systems, or the long-distance inspection of the quality of semi-finished parts
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